Our Clients

We have found ourselves privileged to work on behalf of a great many companies.

Over the years at Paragon Advisors, we have found ourselves privileged to work on behalf of a great many companies ranging in size from small family owned business, dynamic young start up concerns and larger multinational corporations. Though all of these are of course vastly different in terms of size and requirements, we treat each and every client in a similar manner, as our most valued. Reputation is the core component of our business and to build this to the level that we hold today means that each and every one of our clients must be completely satisfied with our service at all times and we will go that extra step to ensure that this occurs.

Our Approach

At Paragon Advisors, we have no one size fits all approach to the way in which we conduct business on our clients behalf. We work closely with them to assess the areas of key importance that need addressing and do not needlessly expend time, effort of funding in areas that are of little concern to their specific needs, in this way maximizing our effectiveness and lowering costs. Throughout the length of our relationships with our clients we remain flexible and stand ready to adapt to changing needs as dictated by the investment landscape and industry climate.

Paragon Advisors