What We Offer

We are keenly aware of how to both enhance the positives of your performance.

Over the last sixteen years in business we have established ourselves as an industry standard setting investor relations firm, by steadfastly holding to the idea that each and every client is unique and carries with them their own highly specific needs. With this ideal firmly in mind, we structure our services to fit the needs of our many diverse clients, in terms of target demographics, media requirements and capital needs. We manage this in a large part by ensuring that all pertinent and necessary investment information is provided through a number of avenues to potential and existing investors in a clear and concise manner.

At Paragon Advisors we work tirelessly to enhance and secure your company’s public image in the minds of investors and onlookers alike, building confidence in the strength of investment that you offer to them. We apply strict profiling methods to likely investors, to ensure that your information reaches those most likely to favorably respond to your company in a financial manner, reducing overall costs and improving responses.

Our Team

Our team is well versed in the media arena and capable of getting out ahead of breaking news stories both positive and negative, to effectively keep the narrative on message and providing overall benefit to your company, regardless of your location or field of endeavor. Image is vital in attracting sufficient investment capital and other financing solutions, so we at Paragon Advisors are keenly aware of how to both enhance the positives of your performance and if required minimize negative exposure should that become a situation.

Taking Your Company Public

Perhaps the largest single step forward that any company can undertake is to take itself public. The benefits of such a course of action are of course many and well understood, the difficulties faced during this trying process are not so well known and have shown themselves time and time again to be pitfalls for the unprepared.

At Paragon Advisors we have amassed a great degree of hands on practical experience in facilitating this trying process and can offer our client security and peace of mind when it comes to selecting and promoting the involvement of underwriters , maintaining strong positive media coverage in the build up to listing, organizing and conducting road shows and investor conferences to reach out to those who understand the inherent benefits of IPO investments and helping to ensure that your company’s shares are well received at the highest possible range during their initial offering, debut and subsequent trading.

Securing the Right Funding Solution

Paragon Advisors prides itself on being able to effectively take your message to the right parties to secure funding across a wide range of criteria. Regardless of whether your company is a newly formed entity or a long trading concern, we will maximize the chances of you obtaining the capital you are seeking by assisting you in sourcing the following types of financing arrangements and cooperative ventures:

• Initial Public Offerings
• Private Equity Investment
• Business Expansion Loans
• Asset and Equity Stake Sales
• Share Sale Placement
• Debt Restructuring
• Financial Partnership Structuring

Paragon Advisors