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We provide you and your business with world class media and investment relations advice.

The investment community is one in which the competition to attract interest is fierce. Often times the effort required to manage this and continue to conduct your core business to the high standards you have established is difficult at best, however by partnering with Paragon Advisors, things couldn’t be easier. Allow us to take the pressure off you by taking on the demanding role of investor relations on your behalf as we have already done so for so many other successful companies across Asia.

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The professional team at Paragon Advisors is one that many find themselves wishing to be a part of as we offer a great learning and networking environment where advancement and promotion is based on performance, not length of tenure. To meet the growing and diverse needs of our company we are always willing to accept resumes from motivated and accomplished individuals with a professional background in Finance, Media and Event Management fields. If you feel that a career at Paragon Advisors is one that you are looking for please forward a copy of your current C.V. to us today, we will acknowledge receipt of each submission.

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